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$1,000~CASH REWARD!*





and FUN, and

companionship, friendship, the good times, the bad times, and just all of it.!


I'm from Boston (Brookline), currently  living in San Diego.I had been living between Boston and mostly San Diego for most of the last 25 years and occasionally at my great little condo in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Yes, I am offering a$1,000 CASH REWARD*,a finder's fee (or recompensa en Espanol)  for the person who is responsible for me meeting the woman that I marry. We are talking about a normal relationship leading to marriage (not a 1 day courtship, but not years,either!)  Contrary to what you may think, this is not a joke! :)))  PLEASE SEE THE SIMPLE  DISCLAIMERs  BELOW! I am seriously interested finding and falling in love with Ms. Right and getting married and living happily ever after.   I am offering $1,000 CASH!  And, the finder of the wife will be the guest of honor at the wedding!

Of all the things that could be "wrong" with a guy....of all the reasons why a woman would not  want some guys - he could be a druggie, a heavy drinker, been in jail, a cheat or liar, been bankrupt a few times, didn't pay his child support, is a woman abuser, or in general - a bum.  WELL, NONE OF THESE THINGS IS ME!  I AM ONE OF "THE GOOD GUYS"! 

One of the most common reasons that women are not interested in me is because I don't fly (yes, in planes)!  Well, I just don't and that's a given.  She could fly - with her sister, mother, aunt....anyone but her ex-boyfriend!  ha,ha!     I will travel the U.S. & Canada, and a little Mexico by car or RV. Have taken a train cross country, and cruises. Driving cross country is great fun with the right person and great music blasting!  

To be completely open about my finances:  I am self sufficient, have no debts, great credit, some small assets, plus a wonderful 1 bedroom condo on a sparkling canal a few minutes from the beach in Florida,  but  I'm not loaded with money and I can't support her too (on a permanent basis).  She would have to either work or have a pension or social security, and then we could combine forces!    Please note - I am not looking for rich lady, nor do I want her money.  If I happen to connect with a woman who has much more than I do, I would have no problem signing a pre-nup. 


If you know of an attractive (cute, pretty, drop dead) lady who might be interested in a guy like me, just copy and paste my pictures & profile (excluding the reward info, of course) and send them to her, along with my email address.  She can then write to me if she's interested, and of course, she would be totally anonymous. We can talk online, on the phone,  and if there's a connection we can meet for coffee and see what happens.  If she's not local....well, we'll see what happens online & phone ;  Maybe she would come here for us to meet.    (I have many character references - just ask!)



I am, by my own admission, a wonderful father, to 2 great kids (by their admission),  both living on the East coast that I don't see often enough.  I'm very proud of them, and have a great relationship with them and all of my family.

A GOOD GUY - I am honest, responsible, reliable, full of integrity, and totally faithful in a relationship. Character is important to me:  If I tell you something - it's the truth;  If I say that I'll do something - I will do it!  I'm not a player, but I like to play! I sleep well at night because I have a clear conscience!

I am in pretty good shape... physically, I'm 5'7" and 180 lbs...workout some, but could lose 10 -15  pounds which would melt away pretty quickly with some good home cooking and more exercise - maybe together! :>)))   My primary cook book is, "A man, a can, a microwave"!  LOL!   I hate anything to do with the kitchen except eating, but I will help with the clean up!.  I do eat fairly healthy , however at night I fall into the junk food trap. (Google the song "Junk food Junkie" - that's almost me!).  So, I don't  really cook but I can nuke a piece of chicken or salmon, and recently discovered instant (microwave) mashed potatoes! Yummy!

I Am romantic: I'm full of passion, and like holding hands, cuddling, spooning, kissing & PDA, etc.

I love kids, animals, nature, most music, museums and the arts in general, movies, plays, older musical groups in concert, and enjoying the beautiful California scenery and beaches when I was there, and now the beaches of Florida!

I have had several successful businesses:  I was a florist for more than 30 years having owned 2 shops in Boston , and then in Ft  Lauderdale, and one San Diego, so I love flowers!  I have also organized hundreds of social events utilizing a band or DJ, so I love music!  Currently, I produce an occasional event and am working on a couple of small projects that may or may not materialize. Between things, I have also driven for Lyft & Uber..

I'm just your average,  blue collar type of  Jeep driving guy.  Played a little softball, tennis, bowled, did some down hill skiing, and jet skiing, but haven't done many of these lately, just mostly apres`skiing!  ha,ha!! 

 I would be open to trying other forms of entertainment that she might like such as an opera or ballet  providing  that she wouldn't get angry if happened to nod off.  LOL!

I'm not intellectual but am informed on current events;  I'm not sophisticated but own 2 tux's!  I can clean up well, if needed, and play well with others!  :>)

Politically, I'm somewhat in the middle - socially liberal and fiscally conservative,  and I can be very politically incorrect and irreverent, 

I am open to all ethnic groups, races, and all ages up or down, if the chemistry is there! I'm open to most main stream religions, if not really practicing.

I've been married twice. (totally faithful both times) The first time we just weren't right for each other, but we got two great kids out of the marriage..The second time 15 + years ago, I was just a jerk!  Don't plan on making the same mistakes again.



...is ok with what I have and what I don't have.  She should  be attractive, in half way decent shape as I am, and not  "high maintenance" ($wise), or "high style" ...the less jewelry & make-up, the better for me - closer to natural.Not against makeup and jewelry, just not tons of it.   Not a work-aholic, over achiever, or ladder climber wanting to be CEO of IBM, etc.!  She should want to make our relationship the top priority in her life, as I would.  I am looking for a fun woman who is active but not one who rides a motorcycle, climbs mountains, wants to sky dive, hot air balloon, bungee jump, does quads or swims with sharks, etc,  but still she is fun, playful, frisky, and not prudish. She is a non-smoker. It's ok if she is not a great cook - I don't have a sense of smell and I will  eat everything that she puts in front of me & like it! ha,ha!  I want a woman who's more interested in the the "little things" that I would do for her, rather than the BIG things that a guy could BUY for her!! She doesn't have to be perfect - just perfect for me! :)))

I am looking for a woman probably around 60-68, but she could be of ANY age, up or down, if the chemistry is there!

"I've been searchin' for the daughter of the devil himself and an angel in white, a woman who's a little of both, but she's been no where in sight"  The Eagles, "One of these nights... (...I'm gonna find her)". 

I'm looking for a woman who is easy...
 "I don't want clever conversation - I never want to work that hard...just want someone I can talk to.... "    Billy Joel "Just the way you are".

 I am not looking for a Barbie, but no heavy weight women, either.  If she's taller, that's ok with me.  Chemistry is what matters!


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Please ask any questions that you like...

A Final note - if a woman is really serious and would like to do a background check on me, that would be just fine with me!

I'm Hoping to hear from that special woman - maybe you or someone that you know?!?

RECENT PHOTOS of her would be a requirement for us to start a conversation. 


The reward does not apply for a woman that I already know,  or a woman that I meet at an event that I host.

The "finder" who refers, or introduces me to the woman, must make him or herself known to me by email within one week of me meeting or being introduced to her.   (so that if <and AFTER> I marry the woman, a person can not THEN claim that they were the one who introduced us, in order to collect the reward!  Fair is Fair!  So, if you refer a woman to me, let me know in Email, ASAP!)

The reward remains valid while it is posted on this website.


Thank you and best wishes to all who took the time to look and or respond!  


Please send email and photos to me, at